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Cynthia rolls out her standard charming opener: “How old are you? Interspersed between Kenya explaining with a coy, whimsical smile that she and her husband talk day and night so they’re together even when they’re apart, we’re treated to Kenya repeatedly getting cut off by his automated voicemail. Her messages range from telling him how her dogs peed on her wedding dress to telling him how happy she is to have a loving, caring husband — .Later, when Cynthia and Nene come over to get ready for a party, she casually leads them by a walk-in closet with men’s clothing items hanging in it, many of which, Nene notes, still have the tags on them.One of your friends is in a dumb fight with her sister (but you’ve always liked this sister more, so you’re secretly on her side anyway).Your friend who’s clueless about men is still clueless about men (times two).Meanwhile, Porsha embarks on her first blind date and Kandi confronts the challenges of raising a teenager as she tries to enjoy some much needed family time.

Watch (below), especially if you're trying to get a peek at when things became physical between Kenya and Kim!Kim Zolciak and Kenya Moore have been locked in a very public feud for months, but temperatures flared to a boiling point over the weekend.Just days after Zolciak announced her return to The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, she and Moore had an on-camera battle that was moments away from becoming an all-out physical brawl, TMZ reports.Because in one week and counting, someone will spit out the phrase, “That’s why you pimped your daughter out for John Legend tickets! Listen, it’s not a fair judgment, but it’s also not fair that they have steak-knife cheekbones and flawless full-fat-chocolate-milk complexions, so editors are giving us our Christmas gift early this year: That’s right, it’s time to listen to Kenya leave 100 voicemails for her invisible husband.” Which, sure, one of your friends probably says to you , Cynthia goes out with a handsome man named Will who has a lot of qualities that could either make him a psychopath or a very nice man — but that’s just kind of dating these days. You will recall that last week Kenya was distraught in her closet, sobbing to a of the time is spent calling her private husband, who also likes to keep his life private from his wife by not answering her calls.

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