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Talal put a hit out on Prince Salman while he was staying at the Four Seasons.

The numerous guns and ammo were brought into the Mandalay Bay Hotel via the helicopter landing pad on the roof.

Talal is a real piece of shit who is also responsible for A LOT of the human trafficking and especially child sex trafficking. Saudi Princess and former wife of Prince Talal tells about the human trafficking and sale of children as sex slaves in Saudi Arabia, which Talal is heavily involved in. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, Saudi billionaire, was arrested in Saudi Arabia.

According to his ex-wife, Talal regularly had big parties/orgies where children were raped. Talal owns majority share of the Four Seasons Hotel which is on the top 5-6 floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Reaching out to administrators at Backpage (a notorious operation that has collaborated with police, at least in part, to protect itself from allegations of abetting prostitution and trafficking), Heid learned that the purchaser of that seven-month-old ad—who wasn’t Wendy—was linked to another, more recent Backpage ad, which was advertising a girl-for-hire in College Park. With FBI agents hidden in position at the hotel, Heid, wearing a hoodie and jeans and sitting in an unmarked car, watched a man and another woman leave her room. “It’s always different, but it always lasts just until the exact moment the girl feels comfortable. You owe me.’ “At first, she had thought she was his girlfriend. More unusual is that law enforcement officials elicited a guilty plea in federal court from Douglas.

The quiet 15-year-old from Prince William County, Virginia, chafed under the strict control of her single mom.

She had lived previously in Maryland and had friends in Washington, D. Melvin Douglas approached her as a friend, too—a potential boyfriend even.

Of those, 381 were victims of sex trafficking, including 364 girls and women.

In fact, the number of survivors identified by the state trafficking task force nearly doubled from 2013 to 2014, which doesn’t so much as indicate a skyrocketing number of victims as it does the degree to which the ongoing crisis has been hidden in plain sight.

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Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, Saudi billionaire, was arrested in Saudi Arabia.

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