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Gathering my wash cloth and getting it wet then slowly rubbing it around my flushed face, relaxing even more.I then run my cloth down my arms and chest, feeling it run over my nipples, sending sparks through my body at the contact.I slowly slide my fingers over my pussy, feeling it tingle at my touch.I massage my lips with my hand, lightly running them between, grazing my bud.My blood running in my veins starts to stir at the thought of those jets, knowing what kind of pleasure it will receive from them.

Then taking my nipples between my fingers and rolling them, tugging on them. I slide my hands down my belly as I widen my legs out into the tub, feeling the hotness of the water wash over my hairless mound.

I quickly rinse out the tub, then start filling it with hot steamy water, knowing it will take a bit to get full.

I go back into our kitchen getting a glass of water in only my black undies and matching bra.

I glide it back over them, wanting to feel the sensations again.

A that is what I have been waiting for, those wonderful sensations of my body feeling loving touches and caresses.

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I withdraw my hands from my pussy, and push a button that is next to me on the tub.

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