Wireless network is stuck validating identity

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Building and Environment: Inside and Outside* Environmental Audit of Site Location Use of Basements and Below Grade Areas Multiple Use of Rooms Space Required Per Child* Possibility of Exit From Windows* Fresh Air Indoor Temperature Ventilation to Control Odors* Portable Electric Space Heater Testing of Drinking Water Not From Public System* Testing for Lead and Copper Levels in Drinking Water* Integrated Pest Management* Radon Concentrations Prohibition of Poisonous Plants* Testing for Lead Shoes in Infant Play Areas General Requirements for Toilet and Handwashing Areas Preventing Entry to Toilet Rooms by Infants and Toddlers Size and Location of Outdoor Play Area Size and Requirements of Indoor Play Area Elevated Play Areas* Enclosures of Bodies of Water B.

Equipment, Materials, and Toys Facility* Strangulation Hazards* Guards at Stairway Access Openings* Guardrails and Protective Barriers* Safety Covers and Shock Protection Devices for Electrical Outlets* Smoke Detection Systems and Smoke Alarms* Use and Storage of Toxic Substances* Carbon Monoxide Detectors Preventing Exposure to Asbestos or Other Friable Materials* Safety of Equipment, Materials, and Furnishings Size of Furniture Surfaces of Equipment, Furniture, Toys, and Play Materials Facility Arrangements to Minimize Back Injuries Ratios of Toilets, Urinals, and Hand Sinks to Children Toilet Learning/Training Equipment Diaper Changing Tables Use, Location, and Setup of Diaper Changing Areas Changing Table Requirements Handwashing Sinks Prohibited Uses of Handwashing Sinks Handwashing Sinks for Diaper Changing Areas in Centers Handwashing Sinks for Diaper Changing Areas in Homes Sleeping Equipment and Supplies* Cribs Stackable Cribs Futons* Storage of Plastic Bags* Firearms Pool Water Temperature* Hot Tubs, Spas, and Saunas* Water in Containers* Balloons* Child Passenger Safety* Interior Temperature of Vehicles Appendix X Adaptive Equipment for Children with Special Health Care Needs Tableware and Feeding Utensils* Food Preparation Area Microwave Ovens High Chair Requirements Proper Use of Art and Craft Materials Carriage, Stroller, Gate Enclosure, and Play Yard Requirements Play Equipment Requirements Enclosure of Moving Parts on Play Equipment* Entrapment Hazards on Play Equipment Sensory Table Materials* Inaccessibility of Toys or Objects to Children Under Three Years of Age Crib Toys Riding Toys with Wheels and Wheeled Equipment* Helmets Appendix II Bike Helmets: Quick Fit-Check A.

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The Importance of Health and Safety in the Early Years Every day millions of children attend early care and education programs, and an increasing number of children are spending longer hours in these programs.

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